MACH 2 visits 737 Simulator


The team of MACH 2 - Aviation Experts had the opportunity to take a closer look at a Boeing 737 simulator build by a former colleague. What is special about the simulator is its history.

Our flying colleague Christian G., who started as a pilot with various companies in General Aviation on Beechcraft and Cessna Citation and then worked for many years as a pilot on short- and long-haul routes with Lauda-Air and Austrian Airlines and has now been enjoying his well-deserved retirement for several years. He has achieved a technical masterpiece in his private cellar on the outskirts of Vienna.

After two years and about 2500 working hours the Boeing 737 simulator was almost finished. Christian, who has no special technical training, managed to realize his project on his own as an autodidact. He spent hours and days with research in various forums on the internet to find the best solution for building the numerous components of the simulator.

Not only technical know-how but also skilled craftsmanship is a prerequisite for completing such a project. We could test the simulator of course, which was missing only a few optical covers but fully functional otherwise. For Nathan and me it was a travel back in time to the 1990s at Lauda-Air, were we both flew the Boeing 737, specifically the older versions 300 and 400 as well as the new generation 600, 700 and 800.

Starting the engines, taxiing to the runway, take-off in Vienna on runway 16 and after a short sightseeing flight over the city an instrument approach with landing. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, even radio and current weather reports can be simulated. We experienced a totally realistic impression of the entire flight sequence from beginning to end. The 210-degree projection of the outside surroundings with the help of three LCD projectors conveys a real feeling of flight.

We would like to congratulate Christian on his successful project and wish him "many happy landings" on his great 737 simulator.

Fritz Fuszko is a Boeing 767 long-haul captain and CRM trainer at Austrian Airlines, authorized instructor for airline pilots (ATPL) and founding partner of "Mach 2 - Aviation Experts". In his more than 30-year career with Austrian Air Services, Crossair, Lauda Air and Austrian Airlines, he flew various types of aircraft on long-haul (Boeing 777, 767) as well as on short-haul (Boeing 737, Fokker 50). He began his career on the Saab-Draken and Saab-105 fighter jets.

Nathan Hildebrand is an airline pilot, certified CRM trainer, Flight Instructor and founding partner of "Mach 2 - Aviation Experts". In his more than 30-year career as a pilot in civil aviation, he has flown the aircraft types Airbus 380, 340, 330 as well as Boeing 777, 767, 737 and Fokker 50 for Emirates Airline, Lauda Air, Crossair, Tyrolean Airways and Austrian Air Services. For 17 years he worked as captain and trainer for Emirates Airline in Dubai, where he played a key role in the world's largest Airbus 380 training program.


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