Mach 2 – Aviation Experts

Media Appearances

The Mach 2 - Aviation Experts team is available for media consultations and events (interviews and talk shows) covering current aviation topics (e.g. airlines, flight operations, Boeing and Airbus aircraft types, military aircraft and security, etc.).

For TV and radio interviews and talk show dates, please get in touch with us via the contact form or directly via  telephone  .

For biographical material please refer to the ZIP file  "Biographies"   further down or the team page  of our website.


Here you will find high-resolution and royalty-free images for use in your media articles. The photos may be used freely, provided the origin and website are mentioned. The ZIP file (700 MB) contains portrait photos, outdoor shots of different aircraft types as well as cockpit photos. 


Here you will find license-free texts for free use in media articles. The texts can be used freely with reference to the source and website. The ZIP file (0.6 MB) contains biographical texts, CVs and a brochure. 

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Learn from Pilots

We can vary topics of our presentation to suit the specific needs of our listeners. By custom planning our talks, we can make modification depending on the target audience and also adapt our presentation to various age groups. The duration of the talks are usually between two to four hours. You can find out more about our presentation topics in our brochure.